Cross-cutting Challenges Council

Delegate: Andrés Ballesteros, VIVIA BIOTECH




  • Funding working group. Coordinator: Andrés Ballesteros, VIVIA BIOTECH



Move towards a biotech funding model which reflects the unique needs and opportunities in the sector.


Expand for recognition of the specific requirements of biotech companies in the Spanish legislative framework: High Intensity Innovative Enterprises.


Improve conditions (postponement and fractionating) of R&D loan repayment by biotechnology companies.


Reach an agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness on the criteria for the definition of "empresa en crisis" (company in financial distress).


Design a structure that provides effective coordination and support for the sector's lobbying activities.


Creating a Public Procurement program focused on the health biotech sector.



  • Communication working group. Coordinator: Beatriz Lozano. ROCHE


  • Human Resources discussion group. Coordinator: Lluis MIravitlles, IQS





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