Celebration: 11/04/2019 - 13/04/2019
European Biotechnology Congress 2019
Hotel Sorolla Palace de Valencia
European Biotechnology Congress 2019 will held in the Hotel Sorolla Palace of Valencia (11-13 April).
The Congress is organised by the ‘European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association’ and covering all the areas of biotechnology: biomedicine, agricultural , food, industrial and environmental biotechnology.
The Congress continues the series of international meetings organised each year by EBTNA in different European cities (Atenas, Dubrovnik, Riga, Bucarest, Lecce…) with 300-400 participants every year.
Additional information about the Congress is available on the website: (http://eurobiotech2019.eu/). The applicants could registrer here. Also, it is possible to access a preliminary version that is in process of elaboration.
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