Celebration: 15/11/2011 - 16/11/2011    Start time: 09:00
Biotechnology & Innovation in the 21st Century: Economic Opportunities & Ethical Challenges
Abu Dhabi
New York University Abu Dhabi Institute (NYUADI) and The King Juan
Carlos I of Spain Center Foundation NYU in Madrid, are organizing a two-day event for professional exchanges and reflection supported by companies and institutions of proven prestige.
Abu Dhabi has been chosen as the site for the event for a number of reasons. The production of high-end
sophisticated technology, in the UAE and with Emirati expertise, is a step towards a new global position for
the UAE in the future; its modern infrastructure, seriousness, transparency, business acumen and
geographical situation are a constant draw for companies and researchers from all over the planet.
The triangulation of - The United States /United Arab Emirates and South Korea as a gateway to the Middle
East and Asia / and Spain, as gateway to Europe and Latin America will provide an original platform for
frank and profitable discussions.
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