Celebration: 05/11/2012 - 12/12/2012
Biocapsules Biocat 4th edition
Biocat performs Biocapsules 4th edition of the program for the management of biotech and medical technology, which consists of five sessions that provide intensive training in key success factors. The Biocapsules allow participants an immediate application to their daily responsibilities.
Focusing on results and with small groups of up to 20 participants, the lessons are taught by professionals with extensive experience and who provide a methodology that combines theory and practice (cases, discussions, presentations, etc.).

The sessions are:

Start-up evaluation in an international environment (11/05/2012)
Strategic Communication (21/11/2012)
Strategic management of industrial property (11/28/2012)
Project management with highly qualified teams (30/11/2012)
Business Development (12/12/2012)

The Biocapsules are designed to provide:
Sector entrepreneurs.
Equipment start-up and junior staff who are, or soon will be, assuming competencies that go beyond those initially carried out.
People responsible for areas of consolidated companies.
Other professionals who want to expand their areas of expertise.
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