Celebration: 26/09/2011 - 27/09/2011    Start time: 09:00 h
First Symposium Neuron on Cholesterol and Neurodegenerative diseases
Evidence for the role of cholesterol in Alzheimer’s disease has been growing in recent years and many cardiovascular risk factors have also been associated. Apolipoprotein E, a cholesterol transporter, is the primary genetic variant associated with sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk, supporting a central role for the cholesterol in the disease.
Additionally, statins are beginning to show benefits in a wide range of neuropathological conditions. In AD, epidemiological studies have demonstrated that the intake of statins decreases the risk of suffering the disease, although the precise mechanism remains elusive. The first Symposium Neuron on Cholesterol & Neurodegenerative Diseases will showcase the cholesterol-AD link, where researchers will explore multiple aspects of the relationship between cholesterol and AD.

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