Celebration: 24/10/2013 - 24/10/2013    Start time: 10:00
BIO-PARTNERING MALAGA: Connecting health research and business
El Corte Inglés de Avd. Andalucía - Edificio Hogar - sala de ámbito cultural - Calle Hilera, 8, 29007 Málaga
ASEBIO and FIMABIS have launched a partnering event to connect and promote the transfer of health research carried out by entities within the National Health System and the biotech sector.
The aim of this partnering event is to establish a commercial basis between the biotech industry and the public sector to advance the development of technologies with the objective of providing end products and services.

This partnering is free for all participants. Entities of the National Health System and biotechnology companies from the health field who offer or need products, technologies, innovative research results, etc., will participate.

To request meetings the following tool is available: http://partneringasebio.web4bio.com/fimabis/es/login.cfm

Participating entities need to register using the link above.
After completing the profile and including the products, technologies, innovative research results, etc that they require or can offer, the profile will be validated. Participants will then be able to view the list of profiles, what is on offer and what is required, and request meetings with other participating entities.

The meetings will be held on October 24 in El Corte Inglés of Avda. Andalucía - Edificio Hogar – Sala Ámbito Cultural - Calle Hilera, 8, E-29007 Málaga.

For more information: ralvarez@asebio.com (phone 91 210 93 74/10) or jose.movilla@fimabis.org (phone 951 440 260)
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