Industrial Biotechnology Council

Delegate: Javier Velasco, NEOL.

Technical Secretariat: Pilar Caro, ASEBIO




  • Objectives:

    Promote greater visibility and recognition of Industrial biotech by developing a closer relationship with government and the relevant platforms prioritising a stronger presence, recognition and identity in the strategic plans of the various institutions.

    Support the development of Industrial Biotechnology by providing the tools and opportunities needed to promote the sector and improve its international presence, visibility and the investment and funding. This would lead to the strengthening of the reputation of Spain in the bio-industrial field and benefit bio-industrial companies.


  • Bioeconomy Strategy working group. Coordinator: Javier Velasco, NEOL.

Objective: Review and coordinate the development of Bioeconomy Strategy launched by the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation- MINECO.






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