Asebio Report

The Asebio Report, published every year by the Spanish Bioindustry Association since 2003, is the benchmark publication for the Spanish biotechnology sector.
The report includes the main statistical data on how the sector is evolving, compiled by the INE (Spanish Statistical Office) and analyzed by Asebio. It also has information on production (pipelines) and technology transfer (patents) for Spanish biotechnology companies and on investment in the sector.
Portada Informe Asebio 2018
Asebio Report 2018

Biotechnology companies have had an impact on the Spanish economy of almost 7,000 million euros (0.7% of GDP) and have generated 92,384 jobs.

Informe Asebio 2017
Asebio Report 2017

In 2017, financial operations in the Spanish biotechnology sector reached 149 million euros.

Informe Asebio 2016
Asebio Report 2016

This edition of the annual report introduces a new methodology for calculating the economic impact of the sector.

Informe Asebio 2015
Asebio Report 2015

The data in this report shows that most of the ratios in the sector have grown: turnover, employment, investment in R&D.

Informe Asebio 2014
Asebio Report 2014

In 2013 the sector has perceived the crisis, with a decrease in the number of biotech companies and companies with biotechnological activities.