Labgenetics, S.L.
Jorge Puente Prieto. General Manager
Address: C/ Poeta Rafael Morales, 2. 2ª Planta.
City: 28702 San Sebastián de los Reyes
Province: Madrid
Phone: 34 91 659 22 98
Fax: 34 91 659 22 99
Mission and Objectives
To carry out highly accurate and decisive genetic tests within a minimum response period.
To apply the most advanced techniques to identify alterations in the
DNA sequence related to the onset of the most prevalent hereditary diseases in Europe.
To consolidate as the Reference Centre in Forensic Genetics and Human Genetic Identification Tests.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Forensic Genetics: Paternity testing, parentage (kinship) analysis and genetic identification (DNA fingerprinting) from any biological traces. Reference Centre in complex kinship testing and complex Forensic sample analysis. Detection of biological fluids (semen, blood and saliva)
Clinical Genetics: Molecular Diagnostics of more than 250 hereditary diseases. Personalized Genetic Diagnostic Service (A la carte Diagnostic) to comprise rare diseases. Prenatal Genetic Diagnostic, including the fast aneuploidy screening by QF-PCR, and Preimplantational Genetic Diagnostic (PGD) to select genetically healthy embryos.
Technology Transfer: Set up and start up of Molecular Biology turn-key laboratories, focused on human genetic analysis. The designed projects are highly flexible and are adjusted to the petitioner requirements.
Scientific Advisory Services: Interpretation of expert reports based on DNA evidences in civil legal and penal procedures. Assistance to legal procedures as judicial experts to ratify specialist's reports based on DNA evidences. Theoretical and practical training in Forensic Genetics and Genetic Diagnostic techniques to professionals, private individuals, companies, laboratories and research teams.
Development of new Molecular Diagnostic techniques.
Projects of Forensic Genetics and Genetic Diagnostic training.
Development and distribution of new Molecular Diagnostic Kits.

Labgenetics, S.L.
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