Javier Rivela, MBA, CFA, CEO
Address: Gran Vía Carles III, 86, 5o, 3a-4a
City: 08028 Barcelona
Province: Barcelona
Phone: 34 93 409 7981
Fax: 34 93 546 01 72
Mission and Objectives
To become a top EU centre for cancer treatment, a worldwide reference for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) of treatment response, and to develop innovative anti-cancer drugs with major clinical and commercial potential based on targeted approaches (i.e., early identification of the putative target population).
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Discovery and development of gene signatures predictive of sensitivity to anticancer agents. Biomarker discovery agreements applicable to drugs (in tissue biopsy and liquid biopsy). Service agreements to third parties. Technology transfer agreements.
Interest areas for collaborations/alliances:
Business development and out-license of our predictive models to diagnostic companies.
Strategic alliances with pharma and biotech companies in the field of cancer pharmacogenomics.
Service agreements on pharmacogenomics.
Development of new technologies applicable to cancer pharmacogenomics.
Development of new anti-cancer drugs.

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