Allinky Biopharma
Miguel Vega
Address: C/Faraday 7. Campus de Cantoblanco
City: Madrid
Mobile Phone: 34 618060829
Mission and Objectives
Allinky Biopharma is focused on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, age-related degenerative diseases and cancer
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Scientific and clinical research have shown that sustained oxidative stress, chronic inflammatory condition and progression cell missignalling are key factors in diseases such as Alzheimer's, ictus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes type II, atherosclerosis and certain types of cancer. Allinky develops novel therapeutics capable of modulating abnormal cell-molecular signals behind these diseases and thus contributing to restore normal cell-gene expression. Therefore, Allinky seeks to become a well-known player in the application of molecular-based medicine to fight prevalent diseases.

Allinky Biopharma
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