Bionanoplus, S.L.
Hesham Salman - Founder
Address: Pol. Ind. Mocholi – Plaza CEIN, 5 nave B14
City: 31110 Noain
Province: Navarra
Phone: 34 948103926
Mission and Objectives
Bionanoplus is a bio-nano-pharmaceutical company aimed to the development of nano-formulation and nano and micro delivery technologies. We provide solutions to overcome formulation and delivery problems for Pharma, Cosmetic, Agrofood and plant healthcare industries based on our proprietary technology. Our technology is based on GRAS or food-grade substances with no organic solvents and easy to scale.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Bionanoplus applies nanotechnology to solve formulation and processing problems in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, agro-food and plant healthcare. We developed our own technology and patents. We are a specialist in polymeric nanoparticles. We develop R&D for third parties, product co-development and our own pharmaceutical products portfolio based on well known out of patent molecules increasing their safety and benefits.
Our technology platform allows us to develop tailored solutions to specific problems using or adapting our self assembling nanoparticles (Nano G201, Cap G201, SNAP,...). We developed bio-adhesive nanoparticles and delivery systems based on in-situ self assembling nanoparticles for controlled release of the substance of interest.

Bionanoplus, S.L.
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