Armand Sánchez. CEO
Address: Edifici Eureka – Parc de recerca UAB. Campus de la UAB
City: 08193 Bellaterra
Province: Barcelona
Phone: 34 935868978 / 99
Mission and Objectives
Animal Genomics and Veterinary Molecular Diagnostic
VETGENOMICS aims in the field of veterinary genetic diagnosis are: (i) to develop innovative analytical services in companion animals and (ii) collaborate with technology partners that enable us to develop genetic diagnostic products with higher added value for end users.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
VETGENOMICS is a company with experience in animal genomics, with capacity for innovation and flexibility to adapt technology to customer needs, increasing the added value of its products and becoming a partner of choice in R + D+ i.
Vetgenomics is a SME spin-off of the UAB. With a team of 8 people including technicians and PhD dedicated exclusively to R&D, Vetgenomics is devoted to molecular diagnostic in companion animals. One of the company skills is the in-house design of real time quantitative PCR assays for diagnostic of several pathogens. Vetgenomics skills and competences are:- Expertise in genetic veterinary diagnostic; - In-house design of real time PCR assays for pathogen detection; - Network of veterinarians; - Research group focused on canine genomics (LUPA, 7FP).

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