Lorea Mendoza Arteche. Chief of the Demostration Unit of Innovative Technologies in Health Care
Address: Plaza Asua, 1
City: 48150 Sondika
Province: Bizkaia
Phone: 34 94 4538500
Fax: 34 94 4530465
Mission and Objectives
The Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF, from the Basque Berrikuntza + Ikerketa + Osasuna Eusko Fundazioa), set up by the Department of Health of the Government of the Basque Country, is an instrument to support the health authorities of the Basque Country. Its mission is to promote innovation and research in the Basque Health Service, Osakidetza, to achieve continuous development and improvement in the capacity of the service to care for the health of the people in the region. In particular, to enable it to fulfil its mission, the Foundation seeks to provide a framework for collaboration, cooperation and communication between the sectors involved in health research, development and innovation at regional, national and international levels.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
The work of the Foundation is carried out through two institutes:
The Institute of Health Research (O+Iker) is responsible for the activities of the Foundation that are most directly related to biomedical research and The Institute of Health Innovation (O+Berri) focused on the continuous innovation in the health service, both of organisational systems and of management instruments.
Within BIOEF, there are different specialized management units that actively collaborate with industry:
- Basque Research BioBank (O+Ehun): responsible for collecting, storing and distributing biological samples for biomedical research.
- Demonstration Unit of Innovative Technologies in Health Care (DEMOTEK): that provides research services focused on the design and execution of evaluation trials, to assess the effectiveness and economic impact of healthcare related-products.
- Office of Clinical Trials Management (O + SAIK).
- Integrated Services Unit of Technology Transfer (USITEC): that manages intellectual and industrial property rights and coordinates the collaboration with other entities for the co-development of new products.

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