GENMIC: Grupo de Investigación de Genética y Microbiología
Lucía Ramírez. Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding
Address: Grupo de Investigación de Genética y Microbiología Departamento de Producción Agraria Edificio “Los Olivos” Universidad Pública de Navarra
City: 31006 Pamplona
Province: Navarra
Phone: 34 948169107
Fax: 34 948169732
Mission and Objectives
The primary goal of GENMIC is to train Master and PhD students in the fields of Biotechnology and Public Health through the development of research projects in genetics and microbiology based on the application of genomic and transcriptomic technologies applied to the fields of agriculture, industry and health. This training is carried out in the frame of large research projects funded by the National Research Plan and by international genome and transcriptome sequencing projects. This training objective is expanded to other interested people through ad hoc courses and the development of joint research projects.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Products / Services:
- Training courses in genetics, microbiology, omics techniques and genetic breeding for professionals in agriculture, industry or health.
- Development of projects using genetic and genomic techniques for companies with an agricultural, industrial or healthcare biotechnology base.
- Production of new agricultural varieties.
Areas of Interest:
- Genetics and genomics applied to the improvement of industrial processes and plant breeding
- Genomics and transcriptomics applied to the identification of genetic conditions in human health.
- Sequencing of genomes, metagenomes, and transcriptomes in the fields of agriculture, industry or health

GENMIC: Grupo de Investigación de Genética y Microbiología
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