Global solutions in nanobiotechnology
Elena C. Rivas Pérez, BDM
Address: Edificio CITEXVI, Fonte das Abelleiras s/n, Campus Universitario de Vigo
City: 36201 Vigo
Province: Pontevedra
Phone: 34 986 167 990
Mobile Phone: 79 664574879
Mission and Objectives
Nanoimmunotech is a spanish company in the Nanobiotechnology sector.
The core business is the "Functionalization and Characterization of nanoparticles, along with the appropriate advice, prior to their use in different applications."
To become a world reference in the Functionalization and Characterization of "nanoscale systems"
nanoimmunotech commitment is to offer products and services that comprehensively cover market characterization and functionalization of nanoparticles, in the Biotechnology and Health sectors.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
- High quality nanoparticles (NITparticles): nanoimmunotech offers to its customers the opportunity to find, in a centralized manner, a large variety of high quality particles (micro- and nanoparticles), some developed by worldwide highly prestigious companies and others developed in nanoimmunotech’s own laboratories, covering almost all comprehensive needs (magnetic, metal, polymer particles...). Check our exclusive and innovative gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles: the NITmagold nanoparticles.
- Bioconjugation kits (NITbioconjugation): Try our revolutionary kits to reach ORIENTED CONJUGATION of antibodies and poly-histidine-tagged proteins, called LinkOriented Kits. You will reach better results than with random covalent binding, and your conjugates will be much more stable than the ones prepared by passive adsorption methods.
- Biosensors (NITbiosensing): our technology is based on the heat generated by gold nanoprisms when they are irradiated with an external light source. We are pleased to present heatsens technology characterized by a better specificity, higher sensitivity, and shorter analysis time, resulting in higher versatility and lower costs.
- Characterization services (NITbiosafe & NITcharacter): nanoimmunotech offers you a wide range of characterization techniques that will allow you to easily and quickly identify and characterize your nanostructures biological and physico-chemical properties.

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