Álvaro López Medrano. CEO
Address: C/ Gobelas 17, Planta baja
City: 28023. Madrid
Province: Madrid
Phone: 34 917081076
Fax: 34 913728959
Mission and Objectives
Plebiotic has a strong Biology and Computer Science R&D&i team that has created a proprietary platform for Docking and Molecular Dynamics, called PleMD. In combination with a high biotechnological expertise and deep customer commitment, we can help your company in the early stages of drug design and testing
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Plebiotic focuses on the design of new drugs and their simulation by means of Docking and Molecular Dynamics
Plebiotic owns a proprietary hardware and software system, based on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), called PleMD, that achieves high simulation rates at a very reduced cost. With PleMD, long and efficient protein-ligand, protein-protein… simulations are feasible.
Plebiotic offers complete pre and post sales services, spanning from drug design or standard screening of chemicals libraries to end to end projects comprising structural design and analysis of new molecules (enzymes, ligand mutations…)
Plebiotic product has been used, with positive results, in pre-clinical simulations for drug design (neurodegenerative diseases, cancer…)

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