Cristina Pérez Sánchez
Address: c/ Velázquez 24, 4º
City: 28001 Madrid
Province: Madrid
Phone: 34 91 781 94 65
Mobile Phone: 34 608 670 707
Fax: 34 91 577 67 44
Mission and Objectives
Atrys is a biomedical company engaged in the development of new tools for the study of predictive and personalized oncology and inflammatory diseases. It has a multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists with a solid career in the field of diagnosis, therapy and biomedical research, including the study of stem cells. It has three areas of activity constantly innovating: Care in Diagnosis / Prognosis, Translational Research covering the gap between basic and clinical research and advance
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Althia’s main business areas are:
- Routine diagnosis and prognosis - provides an integrated analysis of tissue and molecular phenotypes for cancer and allied diseases, using novel technologies to predict outcome and customize treatment for each patient
- Translational research - develops algorithms based on molecular and morphometric signatures that define the specific individual tumor phenotype. This will allow to identify those patients most likely to benefit from different treatment modalities.
- Treatment - implements novel image-guided, intensity modulated single dose radiotherapy protocols targeting the tumor while completely excluding surrounding normal tissues. The aim is improving treatment-planning as well as delivery accuracy and speed, thus enhancing patient throughput, therapeutic benefit and safety.
The main advantage of integrating these three activities is the ability to evolve rapidly by re-distributing ‘know-how’ and resources between areas. The integration allows for commercial synergies that offer competitive advantages by having a diagnostic-therapeutic development “pipeline”
Translational R&D strategy:
- Apply Molecular and Systems Pathology to study cancer through object-oriented image analysis, pattern recognition, and quantitative biomarker multiplexing
- Validate pre-clinical models by pathway analysis and Molecular and Systems Pathology
- Define therapeutic end-points, resistance mechanisms, and markers of tumor progression in order to optimize clinical trials
- Apply artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling to develop decision-making algorithms to improve clinical management
In Clinical trials, through the application of Molecular and Systems Pathology:
- Facilitate patient selection according to drug-response
- Optimize clinical trials: positive impact in cost and time savings
- Provide reproducibility, and consistency of clinical trial results / measurements
- Maximize the likelihood of success for drug regulatory approval

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