Grupo de Investigación BioFarma de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Bridge-building in drug discovery
Mabel Loza
Address: CIMUS Research Center. Av. de Barcelona s/n
City: 15782 Santiago de Compostela
Province: A Coruña
Phone: 34 881815460
Fax: 34 881815474
Mission and Objectives
BioFarma /USEF is a USC research group dedicated to drug discovery via a drug screening platform and chemical and biological tools.

The group collaborates with important pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and with international research groups, providing experience and support at the initial stages of drug discovery research.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
BioFarma /USEF provides services to the following:

1) Public groups, by tailor-made design of experiments and automatization/ miniatuarization of techniques in order to benefit from new hits proceeding from structurally diverse chemical groups.

2) Private biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, by the fine-tuning and execution of connected programmes or connectable links for selecting drug candidates.

Areas of interest for future collaborations/alliances:

Early drug discovery via the following:

1) Discovery of biomarkers and drugs, by combining scientific knowledge and translational expertise.

2) Creation of strategic alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for the combined development of products for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Grupo de Investigación BioFarma de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
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