DREAMgenics, S.L.
Genomes made Easy
Gonzalo R. Ordoñez
Address: C/Colegio Santo Domingo de Guzmán s/n
City: E33011 La Corredoria-Oviedo
Province: Asturias
Phone: 34 985088180
Mission and Objectives
In a more concrete level, DREAMgenics is aimed at building and marketing innovative software products that will assist the medical diagnosis from the human genome data.
Our target market is the specialist physician (at medium-term even the primary care physician) through national health systems or private health institutions.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Bioinformatic Analysis of Whole Genomes and Exomes
Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptomes
Advisory and Consulting Service. Other approaches
Design and analysis of gene panels and multiplex approaches

DREAMgenics, S.L.
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