Fibrostatin, S.L.
Advanced therapies targeting drug resistence in cancer
Luis Antonio Castillo Sanz. General Manager
Address: Parc Científic Universitat de València. Catedrático Agustín Escardino 9
City: 46980 Paterna
Province: Valencia
Phone: 34 960000802
Mobile Phone: 34 655510713
Fax: 34 960000842
Mission and Objectives
FibroStatin is committed with the therapeutic solutions obtention for relevant unmet diseases. The understanding of the GPBP pathophysiologic paper in these diseases and the identification of new compounds affecting the GPBP activity, provide to the company with a solid base to reach the desired results through the development of new drugs.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
FibroStatin is developing and patenting therapeutic and diagnostic applications related to GPBP protein (Goodpasture Antigen-binding Protein), a new therapeutic target and biomarker with relevance in chemoresistant metastatic cancer and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

FST12 is the Company’s lead drug candidate being developed for advanced lung cancer. The company’s objective is to advance FST12 into clinical studies up to and including Phase 2a studies, with the objective of demonstrating safety and biological activity in slowing the growth and spread of lung cancer. FST12 is a proprietary, patent-protected, drug candidate that selectively inhibits high molecular weight (HMW) GPBP kinase activity which is prevalent in the extracellular compartment of drug resistant metastatic tumors.

The Company has developed a proprietary GPBP ELISA test system that detects GPBP levels in the plasma.. This test will be evaluated as a companion diagnostic to determine if lung cancer patients with elevated plasma GPBP levels are more responsive to FST12 therapy, and to determine if IPF patients with elevated GPBP levels are more responsive to FSM26 therapy.

The company owns a portfolio of 45 issued patents on GPBP-related technologies including GPBP small molecule inhibitors (composition of matter claims issued), GPBP specific monoclonal antibodies, and a broad range of medical uses (method of use claims issued).

Fibrostatin, S.L.
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