Recombina, customized genetic engineering
Cristina Latasa
Address: Polígono Mocholí, Plaza CEIN 5. Viveros de Innovación, Nave T-1
City: 31110 Noáin
Province: Navarra
Phone: 34 629723302
Mobile Phone: 34 646126744
Mission and Objectives
Recombina is a company created by a team of interdisciplinary scientists from the University Public of Navarra. Our mission is to give expert advice and offer high quality genetic engineering services adapted to client’s needs. Recombina can also be a scientific and technological partner in outsourced or collaborative R&D projects. Our aim is to work in close collaboration with clients and/or partners to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experience in molecular biology and genetic engineering of microorganisms can help companies and research centers to apply DNA technology in biomedicine, industrial processes, agriculture and other areas.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances

“Save time and effort with our fully customized cloning services”

Our services include:
• Technical advice and help with cloning strategy
• Regular updates to easily follow up the state of the project
• Quality controls
• Confidentiality agreement

“Supply us the vector of your choice or choose one from our collection”.
Plasmids with different copy number, antibiotic markers, promoters, tags and fusions are available. The possibility of using IP-free Bio-Brick-based plasmid backbones is also accessible. We also offer customized vector construction if the plasmid you want does not exist.

We offer:
• PCR cloning/subcloning
• DNA restriction, purification and ligation
• E. coli transformation and screening
• Miniprep and maxiprep
• Competent cells production of the strain of interest and transformation
• Transcriptional and translational fusions
• Epitope tagging /DNA barcodes
• Gene synthesis


Backed by more than 10 years of experience in RNA research, Recombina can help and give technical support in projects involving RNA work. RNA integrity and quality are ensured in all our services.

Some of our services:
• RNA extraction
• cDNA synthesis
• Quantitative RT-PCR analysis
• Northern analysis
• In vitro RNA transcription
• Small RNAs (sRNAs) studies


Recombina offers the possibility of engineering fungi, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (bio safety levels 1 and 2). We are specialists in producing bacterial strains harbouring multiple chromosomal modifications, without leaving antibiotic resistance or genetic scars so that they cannot be considered as GMOs. Besides, we can carry out genetic approaches using synthetic biology tools.

Some of our services:
• Gene(s) deletions by insertion of an antibiotic resistance marker or makerless
• Point mutations
• STOP codon introduction
• Epitope tagging/DNA barcodes
• Synthetic biology approaches


Recombina protein expression and purification service can optimize the expression conditions of your target protein. We offer E. coli and yeast protein expression systems. In case expressed proteins aggregate denatured into insoluble inclusion bodies, Recombina offers refolding services to purify and restore protein's native conformation. The possibility of optimizing codon usage according to host specie is also available.

The service includes:
• Design of optimization strategy
• Test of 10 different expression conditions in E. Coli or yeast and selection of optimal induction conditions
• Purification by chromatography techniques
• Analysis of results by SDS-PAGE and Coomassie
• Assessment of purified protein by Western blot
• Quantification of purified protein


Recombina can be a scientific and technological partner in subcontracted or collaborative R&D projects with molecular microbiology or genetic engineering necessities.
Our specialty is designing and constructing microorganisms with broad biotechnological applicability, such as:

• Live attenuated and subcellular vaccines
• Probiotics
• Biofactories for recombinant proteins and molecules
• Amino acid, mineral and vitamin-enriched food supplements …


Our R&D bet makes a difference
The investment in research and development of Recombina is focused on the promising new field of synthetic biology. Our aim is to design and create new microorganisms able to solve specific problems.
Some potential areas of collaboration are:

Biomedical sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry
Services offered by Recombina, including gene synthesis, mutagenesis or protein engineering, can help to develop new therapeutic approaches, such as genetic therapy, tissue engineering, new drugs, vaccines, new active macromolecules (antibodies, proteins and even nucleic acids) and novel drug delivery systems.

Biotechnology companies
Bacteria and yeast are incredible metabolically versatile organisms whose production is usually easy, cheap and eco-friendly. They can function as non-contaminat biofactories of substances with broad biotechnological applicability like enzymes, hormones, peptides or vitamins.

Waste Industry and Energy Sector
The use of genetic engineering to create organisms specifically designed for bioremediation and bioleaching has great potential. Genetic engineered bacteria can also be used for the production of energy, fuels and chemicals from waste products.

Agroalimentary Industry
Engineered bacteria can optimize agroalimentary industrial processes, such as alcoholic drinks, bakery and dairy products production, food processing and so on. Besides, the use of novel synthetic metabolic pathways can add nutritional and organoleptic properties to products
Cosmetic companies
Genetic engineering can help to develop and produce novel and cost-effective compounds with anti-age, anti-dandruff or skin-protectant properties.

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