BBD-Bio&Tech Bioeconomic Development
Projects for life sustainability.
Vicente Vazquez
Address: Areeiros Street , 4ºB
City: Vilaboa
Province: Pontevedra
Mobile Phone: 34 673 624 808
Mission and Objectives
BBD is a company devoted to activities of applied research, development and
innovation based on biotechnology global market field and also business development
from bioresources.
BBD is born to deal with some big problem of today´s society implementing a
philosophy framed into the bioeconomy sphere as a source of solutions, employment
and social welfare in a regional and local area development.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
The company creates projects based on knowledge and biological and technological
innovation with the following overall targets:
a) Elaboration and implementation of bioeconomic models for development.
b) Creation of innovatory business and production sectors based on knowledge integration and/or applied investigation in the biology, engineering and technology fields.
c) Renewal of enterprises and sectors looking for new market niches with the purpose of increasing their competitiveness.
d) Implementation of synergies between established enterprises and sectors looking for new activities and products.
e) Cooperation, through projects, with the Public Administrations that contribute to
politics for regional and international development.
The partial targets are:
1. Development, optimization and implementation of green methods, processes and technologies.
2. Development of biologic products and sustainable industrial outputs.
3. Development of synergies to generate positive contexts for applied investigation, production sectors and public administrations to create employment on bioeconomy.
4. Implementation and marketing of projects, products and services.
5. Establishment and development of new enterprises and sectors.
6. Guidance and training of public administrations and private companies, related to the above-mentioned areas, to contribute to the integrated management of said production systems within natural ecosystems and environmental protection.

BBD-Bio&Tech Bioeconomic Development
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