Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, CNIO
CNIO Stop cancer
Carolina Pola, PhD. Director of International Affairs
Address: Melchor Fernández Almagro, 3
City: 28029 Madrid
Province: Madrid
Phone: 34 91 224 69 00
Fax: 34 91 224 69 80
Mission and Objectives
Basic and applied research under an integrated approach, fostering the interaction of basic research with of molecular diagnostics programmes and of the discovery of new drugs, all supported by a solid equipment and technical services infrastructure.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Undertaking research to enable the new, more efficient diagnosis and treatment methods to be obtained for oncological diseases.
The transfer of scientific knowledge into clinical practice, so that scientific progress has an effect on our healthcare system as early as possible, and thus on patient welfare.
The transfer of technology developed in the CNIO to innovating companies.
To set up a new and more effective management system in the European scientific environment.

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, CNIO
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