Margarita Garrido. Associate CEO
Address: Juan de Sada, 32
City: 08028 Barcelona
Province: Barcelona
Phone: 34 93 509 32 33
Fax: 34 93 509 32 95
Mission and Objectives
GENDIAG’s objective is to facilitate the application of personalized medicine by providing diagnostic services for disease predisposition, early diagnosis, prognosis and drug-response prediction. These area based mainly in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics technology.
GENDIAG creates alliances with investigators, research institutes, biotech and or pharmaceutical companies for the development of their project on a faster and efficient manner. GENDIAG wants to involucrate to the investigator in the development of the project and to share with him the benefits of the marketing when the idea turns into product.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
The products developed by Gendiag and marketed by Ferrer inCode are: CardioinCode®), DNA-Chip analyzes more than 111 genes to determine the risk to suffer a cardiovascular event in patients with moderate risk and will identify the altered signaling pathways with cardiovascular significance for the patient.
Sudd inCode ®) DNA-Chip determines the risk to suffer sudden death identifying more than 50 genes associated to arrhythmic congenital syndrome and cardiomyopathys.
Nutrichip®, DNA-chip for apply nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to personalize the diet and to identify the genetic causes of the obesity.
Trombo inCode® DNA-Chip for genotyping polymorphisms in genes involved in hereditary thrombophilia.This tool will incorporate the genetic tests that are currently performed individually and sequentially in order to find a genetic alteration.
Gendiag is currently leading new developments in Oncology, Neurology and Hepathology areas.

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