Histocell, S.L.
Julio Font. CEO
Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 801A, 2ª planta
City: 48160 Derio
Province: Bizkaia
Phone: 34 94 656 79 00
Fax: 34 94 403 69 99
Mission and Objectives
Histocell S.L. is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in regenerative medicine dedicated to research, development and production of cell therapy drugs and medical devices. Its products are distinguished by their common therapeutic approach focused on the protection and regeneration of damaged tissues by oxidative and inflammatory environments. To date the products are being backed up by more than 40 international patents.
The facilities of Histocell include a new plant for sanitary products manufacturing inaugurated in 2018, a GMP white room for the production of cell therapy drugs and various laboratories for quality control and R&D. Histocell commercializes several product lines in different countries and plans to increase its sales in the coming years. For this, Histocell is always ready to negotiate new alliances with international distributing partners.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Histocell products are divided into 3 general lines:
1. Production and commercialization of medical devices.
2. Development of new cell therapy drugs.
3. Production for third parties of cell therapy drugs (GMP).
Within the medical devices of Histocell two lines of product are differentiated. The first, REOXCARE, comprises an innovative antioxidant dressing for wounds of difficult healing, named Reoxcare®. It obtained the CE mark in 2016 and it is currently being marketed in more than 10 countries. The line will be completed with new products such as Reoxcare® Gel, as its commercialization is scheduled for mid-2019. In addition, this product line has its veterinary version for the companion animal market under Vexoderm® brand and it is being sold in countries such as France, Spain, England, Israel, Greece, Belgium, etc.
In the second product line, HISTOGEL, pharmaceutical quality active ingredients, composed of glycosaminoglycans with regenerative potential, have been developed. This line encompasses dermocosmetic application products such as the cosmetic ingredient Wharton Gel Complex® and injectable quality products like Histoessence®.
On the other hand, Histocell develops cell therapy drugs through its technological platform HC016, which allows the improvement of mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue. Two therapeutic programs are being carried out, HC016 and Bonecure and both programs are in clinical phases I / II. Bonecure, licensed to the pharmaceutical SALVAT and directed to the regeneration of bone with unconsolidated fractures, in Phase II; Neurosave (HC016), which seeks to alleviate the consequences of acute spinal cord injury in the first stage of the lesion in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Ferrer, in Phase I / IIa and HRC-040 (HC016), for acute respiratory distress whose clinical trial in Phase I / II will be requested to the AEMPS in the coming months.

Histocell, S.L.
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