Bacterial Genomics: Complete BG7
BG7 is a complete bacterial genome annotation system including exhaustive gene prediction integrated with rich functional annotation. It is especially designed for NGS data. All genes similar to any known gene from any organism can be detected. The system provides a complete genome annotation, even if the genome is fragmented in thousands of contigs.
Complete BG7 is a service providing you the complete solution for your bacterial genomics project. It includes all the phases of the project:
- Project Design: understanding goals, choosing technologies, analyzing costs and turnaround times.
- Sequencing: with the most appropriate technology for your project . PacBio, Illumina , Ion Torrent or 454.
- Assembly: with the better assembly pipeline for each technology or combination of technologies.
- Annotation with BG7: BG7 is our new method, specifically designed for bacterial genome annotation of NGS data published in PLOS ONE:
- Customized Cloud Services: for managing and analyzing your genome data.

Features of BG7 annotation system :
- Tolerant to NGS-specific errors
- It detects genes with insertions, deletions or substitutions
- ORF prediction based on the detection of similarity with Uniprot proteins
- Customized to client specific goals: metabolic pathways, antibiotic resistance, vaccine devellopment,...

Our results with BG7:
- A quick and complete annotated genome, close to manually annotated genomes
- Rich in functional annotations (GO, Interpro, EC, references)
- Deliverables compliant with freely available tools and browsers: Artemis, Mauve, EBI tools, Expasy tools, ...

Turnaround times for BG7 genome annotation:
- Annotation of one genome in one week
- Genome Express: annotation of one genome in one day!
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