Transcriptomics: RNA-Seq
In Era7 Bioinformatics we offer the following services on transcriptomics:
- RNA-seq for Bacteria
- Dual RNA-Seq
- RNA-Seq for non-model organisms
- RNA-Seq for model organisms
- RNA-seq for Bacteria: from gene expression of a clone to Metatranscriptomics
RNA-seq is increasingly being used for exploring gene expression in bacteria to get insights into the transcriptome of a specific clone, a reduced bacterial community or into the meta-transcriptome of a complex bacterial community.

- Dual RNA-Seq: deciphering Host- Pathogen relationships.
is a potent and very useful and recent approach to investigate Host-Pathogen relationship. This approach is possible because of the high throughput of today's Next Generation Sequencing technologies. NGS allows the sequencing of RNA from both, the host and the pathogen. In this way, unknown interactions between the pathogen and the host can be discovered.

- RNA-Seq for non-model organisms: unique insights into de novo transcriptomes
A quick and complete analysis of transcriptome data with no need of a reference genome: characterization, functional annotation, gene expression quantification and detection of differentially expressed genes. Next-gen sequencing of transcriptomes can be an easy first approach to get insights into the exomes from unknown genomes.

- RNA-Seq for model organisms: with the most advanced pipelines
RNA-Seq is the new alternative to microarrays for analyzing gene expression obtaining a quick profiling of your transcriptome and allowing a deep knowledge of specific aspects as:
- Isoforms expression splice-junctions analysis
- Regulatory RNAs (smallRNAs, microRNAs, different types of ncRNA)
- Gene expression quantification
- Analysis of differential expression between different samples
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