Bioinformatics consultancy
Bioinformatics Consultancy
Our service of expert consultancy provides totally personalized services specifically oriented to the client’s needs. From a research contract to address a purely scientific question to the development of practical solutions for solve problems related to a product in a biotech company.
As an example of potential customized projects:
Specific analysis and study of sequences:
Plasmids, phages, repetitive sequences, microsatellites, mobile elements, protein motis, DNA-binding motifs, ...
Design of specific genotyping systems
Bacterial Genomics studies:
- Comparative genomics
- Orthologous tables
- Antibiotic resistance profiles
- Membrane protein studies
- Pathogenicity and virulence protein detection
- Transcription factors analysis
- Networks representation
- Pathways analysis
- Vaccine development
- Bacteriocins
- Functional profiles
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