BNT005: Canine visceral leishmaniasis vaccine
First in class prophylactic and therapeutic treatment against visceral leishmaniasis in dogs
It is based on a single recombinant fusion protein made up of a flagellar protein from a leishmania causing agent and an adjuvant to be administered intramuscular/deep SC. The antigen has been tested in mouse models (4 immunizations every other week/challenge 9-12 weeks post-immunization). Preliminary results indicate that BNT005 induces the Th1 response with a concomitant increase in INF-gamma and a decrease in IL-4 and IL-10, this is in association with an increase in antibodies against the invading parasite specifically IgG2a. Recent evidences obtained in naturally infected dogs with visceral leishmaniasis pointed to the presence of a mainly IgG1 response being associated with disease (symptomatic dogs, non- or low-responsive to chemotherapy) with IgG2 related with natural resistance to infection. After 21 days post-infection the burden of parasites in different tissues (bone marrow, liver, and spleen) decreased significantly in vaccinated mice.

Market estimated at 286 Million USD. First prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine. International patent application until 2031.Tested in rodents.
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