TPSC Cloud™
TPSC Cloud™ - Online platform for Patient Safety
TPSC Cloud™ is a platform through an online interface that provides comprehensive management of risks associated with health care.
Fully manage patient security in your organization simply and securely:
• Report incidents from any device (PC, Laptop, Mobil, Tablet) through on-line questionairres designed specifically for the needs of each center, accessable 24/7 and with the possibility of integrating sub-specific questionairres (Patient Security, Occupational Risks, Complaints, Suggestions, etc.).
• Materialize a workflow from the activation of automatic email alerts to key people and take specific actions (questions / triggers).
• Sort and Analyze (prospectively and retrospectively) the risk, through highly valued tolos.
• Manage Documentation associated with Patient Security in your organization (creation, access, distribution, modification, archiving, etc.) using specific tolos.
• Proactively define and monitor the Actions of Improvement in relation to Patient Safety in your organization.
• Define, assign, and manage specific Tasks or management of Patient Safety in your organization, individula, or group work.
• Design charts, lists, or reports for access to all information in relation to its risk management system in a simple and organized form, or export it in formats compatible with Microsoft Office.
• Design Applications themselves, share them users around the world, or download applications developed by other organizations.
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