Bacterial Metagenomics 16S
Bacterial Metagenomics 16S
The bacterial composition of a sample will be profiled through the amplification and target sequencing of the V3 and V4 variable region of the 16S ribosomal RNA (or 16S rRNA) using Illumina Miseq sequencing 300×2 approach. The service includes taxonomic affiliation, diversity and comparative profiling and intranet real-time supporting (including 3 partial reports).
Adress to:
- Agriculture and livestock: Pre and probiotics effect on animals, new generation biofertilizers development, soil fertility functional characterization, detection of potential pathogens in several crops, microbiome characterization during improve/resistant crops screening.
- Health-Care: clinicians and pharma: White rooms monitoring, diets monitoring, odontological clinics (Monitoring dental pathogens), Gut microbiome.
- Consumer goods industry: Monitoring biofermentative products, Prophylactic crisis (Zoonosis and human pathogens, Increase of expiration dates, Water quality control.
- Research centers: Human diseases characterization (Obesity, diabetes, Crhon's disease, Celiac disease), Environmental studies (oceans, soil, water), Biomarkers detection, Pre and probiotics assays, Gut microbiome.
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