Transcriptomics (RNAseq)
Transcriptomics (RNAseq)
This service can be applied to isolated microbes or whole microbial communities (meta-transcriptomics) and can be of interest to customers interested in functionally characterizing their industrial processes or isolating novel enzyme activities.
- Agriculture and livestock: Pre and probiotics effect on animals, Functional Pre and probiotics effect on animals, New generation biofertilizers development, Soil fertility functional characterization, Genomic characterization of potential pathogens in several crops.
- Health-Care: clinicians and pharma: White rooms monitoring, Functional diets monitoring, Active resistome characterizarion, Gut microbiome.
- Consumer goods industry: Monitoring bacterial functional activities on biofermentative products, Biomarkers detection and relevant enzimatic functional activities, Water quality control and functional activities.
- Research centers:Functional gene studies on human diseases characterization (Obesity, diabetes, Crhon's disease, celiaquia and others), Functional profiles on environmental studies (oceans, soil, water), Biomarkers detection and enzimatic activities, Pre and probiotics assays, Gut microbiome.
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