Whole-genome analysis
Whole-genome analysis
Complete or partial (10-120 contigs) genome assembly of isolated microbes. A final technical report will be provided in addition to sequencing files, assembled sequences and annotation in several formats in order to provide a complete information to the customer.
Adress to:
- Agriculture and livestock: Pre and probiotics effect on animals, Sequencing of isolated pathogens, Sequencing of isolated bacteria for biofertilizer improvements, Detection of potential pathogens in several crops.
- Health-Care: clinicians and pharma: White rooms monitoring, Characterization of isolated nosocomial microbes and virus, Functional diets monitoring, Resistome characterizarion.
- Consumer goods industry: Sequencing of improve starters, Characterization of starters, Starters protection and patents, Biomarkers detection and enzimatic functions, Water quality control and functional activities.
- Research centers: Genomic characterization, Comparative genomic studies on ecological relevant, Time dependent and biogeographical microevolutive studies, Genome strain characterization over epidemic events, Biomarkers detection and enzimatic functions.
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