Shotgun metagenomics
Shotgun metagenomics
The service can include ortholog identification, whole genome alignment, phylogenetic contextualization, multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) , pangenome definition, including accessory genome, study of genes with special functional interest or potential (pathogenicity, resistance, virulence, bioremediation, and identification of plasmid genes.
Adress to:
- Agriculture and livestock: Pre and probiotics effect on animals, Functional Pre and probiotics effect on animals, New generation biofertilizers development, Soil fertility functional characterization, Detection of potential pathogens in several crops.
- Health-Care: clinicians and pharma: White rooms monitoring, Functional diets monitoring, Resistome characterizarion.
- Consumer goods industry: Monitoring bacterial functional activities on biofermentative products., Biomarkers detection and enzimatic functions, Water quality control and functional activities.
- Research centers: Functional gene studies on human diseases characterization: Obesity, diabetes, Crhon's disease, celiaquia, Functional profiles on environmental studies (oceans, soil, water.) Biomarkers detection and enzimatic functions, Pre and probiotics assays.
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