Neuroprotective drug to treat acute ischemic stroke
Isquaemia is currently developing a new neuroprotective drug for acute ischemic stroke that seeks to improve the effectiveness of actual treatments, the therapeutic window and satisfy clinical needs not covered yet.
Cerebral Stroke is the main mortality reason at certain ages in occidental world and there is no adequate treatment or therapy. Isquaemia owns a new neuroprotective drug based on Steroidal nitrones developed by the IRYCIS, capable of reducing or even reversing neurological damage. This compound acts in the cerebral penumbra area, where the damage can be reversed if acting quickly. Neuropotection offered by Steroidal nitrones plus its higher permeability are characteristics not found currently in the marke or study.
Continuing its development, this drug will mean a huge improvement in the wellness sector, along with facilitate its license to the pharmaceutical industry are our main objectives.
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