DAOfood contains 7% Diaminooxidase pig kidney protein extract
DAOfood® is a food for special medical uses that is used in the dietary treatment of Diamine Oxidase enzyme (DAO) deficiency when the predominant symptoms are digestive and / or muscular and / or cutaneous.
What does DAOfood® do?
Histamine is a vital molecule found in all foods in our daily diet and mediates many biological processes such as inflammation, gastric acid secretion, neuromodulation and regulation of the immune function.
Under normal circumstances, ingested histamine is degraded by the Diamine Oxidase enzyme (DAO) in the small intestine.
If the DAO enzyme is reduced, the ingested histamine cannot be degraded and trespasses the intestinal mucosa into the blood stream, causing the onset of the symptoms.
DAOfood® contains 7% Diaminooxidase pig kidney protein extract.
The Diamine Oxidase (DAO) content in DAOfood® serves as a supplement to the enzyme found in the body, which is in charge of metabolizing histamine. Taking one tablet of DAOfood® before each meal increases the amount of DAO in the small intestine and therefore also boosts histamine degradation. This accelerates the processing of the histamine found in different foods, histamine being the trigger of migraine symptoms.
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