Migrasin for the dietary management of migraine
Migrasin® is a food for special medical uses that is used in the dietary treatment of migraine.

What does Migrasin® do?

Histamine is a vital molecule found in all foods in our daily diet and mediates many biological processes such as inflammation, gastric acid secretion, neuromodulation and regulation of the immune function.

Under normal circumstances, ingested histamine is degraded by the Diamine Oxidase enzyme (DAO) in the small intestine.

If the DAO enzyme is reduced, the ingested histamine cannot be degraded and trespasses the intestinal mucosa into the blood stream, causing the onset of migraine and other types of headache.

87% of migraine sufferes have a DAO Deficiency.

Migrasin® provides the necessary exogenous ingestion of DAO to re-establish the metabolism of histamine, preventing the onset of migraine.

Migrasin® contains 7% Diaminooxidase pig kidney protein extract (DAO), and group B vitamins, that act as adyuvants in the treatment of migraine

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