DGP Plus
DGP Plus
Studies to detect aneuploidies in a single cell of the 24 chromosomes with CGHarrays are significantly more consistent than FISH arrays.
At Sistemas Genómicos, we have taken one more step forward with the DGP plus studies by simultaneously performing the DGP of 24 chromosomes by CGHarrays (aneuploidies screening) with chromosomal DGP and/or molecular DGP.
Chromosomal DGP plus: simultaneous DGP of translocation/inversion + aneuploidies (24 chromosomes)
Molecular DGP plus: DGP of monogene disease + aneuploidies (24 chromosomes)
Chromosome and molecular DGP plus: DGP of monogene disease + translocation/inversion + aneuploidies (24 chromosomes)
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