Drug discovery platform
- Drug discovery sreening platform
-Highly automated screening services, including High Content Imaging
High Throughput Screening – A proven route for identifying potent and novel chemical entities
Our high productive screening approach ensures the discovery of innovative low molecular weight drug-like molecules to advance the development of new therapeutic agents.
MEDINA has extensive experience in high-throughput screening (HTS) with microbial natural products and synthetic compounds libraries. The expertise includes automation, validation and screening of biological targets across a wide-ranging assay formats (96 or 384-well microtiter plates). MEDINA BSL-2 facilities (approximately 900 m2) allow the cultivation of mammalian cell lines and pathogenic bacterial and fungal strains to run a diverse number of types of screens: enzymatic, cell based and whole cell assays. We can screen samples (pure compounds or extracts) directly provided by the customer
We offer an extensive proprietary portfolio of HTS assays ranging from empiric whole-cell assays for evaluating the potency and spectrum of active extracts to target-based whole cell assays.
HTS technologies include assays based on:
Fluorescence (FLIPR, HTRF, FRET; PF)
Radiolabeled ligand binding
High Content Screening Platform (BD Pathway 855 ®) for Mode of Action evaluation of new compounds
Additional Technologies
Patch Clamp
Mass spectrometry
Flow cytometry
Quantitative Western Blot
Microscopy and Bioimaging
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