OmicsOffice® offers an all-in-one software platform for straightforward analysis and management of genomic data, combining real-time PCR (RT-qPCR), microarray gene expression and next generation sequencing (NGS) data to meet the needs of modern genomics research. It is the stable, flexible and scalable computational environment for the analysis of heterogeneous data that the scientific community needs in the era of high throughput ‘-omics’ analyzes.
Powered by TIBCO® Spotfire®, OmicsOffice offers complete integration of RealTime StatMiner®, Integromics Biomarker Discovery® and SeqSolve®, enabling users to identify outliers, patterns and unanticipated relationships in their genomic data.

Moreover, OmicsOffice also provides downstream analysis tools for functional and comparative analysis, as well as a generic and flexible annotation manager for a smooth and flexible cross-platform integration experience. With the new OmicsOffice tools, Integromics provides users with a powerful and intuitive key to leverage their data and reach a new level of analysis.
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