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Downstream process & purification development Bioingenium, s.l.
For years Bioingenium has specialized in the development of bioprocesses for therapeutic proteins. In this regard and in order to meet the demanding requirements of these proteins, we have different equipment easily scalable to cover each of the following stages: centrifugation, tangential microfiltration, ultrafiltration and chromatography (affinity, hydrophobicity, ion exchange, gel filtration or reverse phase).
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Preliminar formulation assays Bioingenium, s.l.
Once the polishing step during purification process ends, the protein must be stored under specific conditions that allow it remaining stable, soluble and active for a long period of time until it is used. At this point Bioingenium performs a series of tests that allow us to determine the elements and the right conditions to maintain the protein stable.
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Quality Control and analytical methods development Bioingenium, s.l.
Since each bioprocess is completely different depending on the protein being expressed, analytical methods must also be adapted to each protein to adequately follow it along the path of the production process.
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Strain development for research & industrial purposes (Freedom-to-operate production systems) Bioingenium, s.l.
The viability of a bioprocess begins with the importance of knowing how to choose the correct expression system. Bioingenium has developed its own proprietary systems (free of obligations to third parties) in both E. coli (bacteria) and P. pastoris (yeast). It also has a wide range of genetic tools that improve the expression of difficult to express recombinant proteins
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Upstream process development: fermentation / Cell culture strategies Bioingenium, s.l.
The origins of Bioingenium are in the application and development of different production strategies. Depending on the recombinant protein with which we work and the microorganism or cell line used, Bioingenium apply the most appropiate strategy; batch, fed-batch, continuous or perfusion
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