European pharmacovigilance congress 2024

Acceso a la innovación
Drug discovery
Foto de una profesional sanitaria y una pastilla

Day 18- virtual

  • Biological basis of adverse with focus on scars
  • Inmunological adverse reactions
  • Signal detection 
  • Risk management 
  • Communicating safety information in the digital era 

Day 19 - virtual

  • Authorities´assessment of pv informations 
  • Real word data & real word evidence 
  • Manufacturing & pv interfaces 
    Drug safety in marketing autorization applications
  • Evolving landscape of electronic safety data in pv 
  • Non-EU pv requirements 

Day 22 – Milan

  • Evolving pharmacovigilance strategies 
  • Main global and local pv updates 
  • Practical experience of applying artificial intelligence in pv 
  • Audit & inspections 

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