International Meeting: "N²: Networking between Networks"

To foster synergies in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery inside, outside and beyond Spain

International Meeting: "N²: Networking between Networks"
Santiago de Compostela

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event “N²: Networking between Networks”. Relevant actors of the academic and industry worlds will come to Santiago to discuss and debate together about the dynamics and purposes of the interaction between collaborative networks. The purpose of what we expect is going to be a fruitful debate, is to nurture and/or strengthen synergies in order to save the still existing gap(s) and challenges in translational research transfer.

We believe that the “N2 event is going to be a unique opportunity to connect and learn from each other, sharing different experiences coming from different networks. A great opportunity to express our respective visions and goals, identify strategic steps and propose relevant actions accordingly.

Are you interested in attending a high level discussion and hear from key opinion leaders on #openinnovation #chemicalbiology #drugdiscovery #NetworkingbetweenNetworks #Networks #N2 #targetidentificationandvalidation #public-privatepartnership ?

Please join us next Tuesday, December 17th in N2: Networking between Networks.

See you soon