Mission and values


AseBio aims to transform the culture of the country, highlighting the importance of research, development and innovation, at the service of society, and the sustainability and competitiveness of the Spanish economy.


We aspire to be at the forefront of the country’s transformation, positioning innovation as a driver of its competitiveness and social development, thus fostering the development of the biotechnological ecosystem as a key aspect of this paradigm shift. We work to achieve an optimal legal, political and economic environment for the biotechnology industry, and we act as a catalyst for the innovation opportunities that biotechnology offers.


  • Commitment to science and innovation: we believe that scientific knowledge is the foundation of progress. Because of this, in the biotechnology industry we assume responsibility for creating and transforming knowledge into innovations that will have an impact on society and the economy.
  • Dedication to serving our members: we align AseBio’s actions with the interests of our members, and we understand our work as being at the service of economic development and the well-being of society.
  • Collaboration: we actively dialogue with all the stakeholders involved in our areas of interest and we collaborate with decision-makers in order to achieve improvements in the biotechnology sector environment, contributing knowledge, commitment and loyalty.
  • Assertiveness: AseBio wants to promote proposals for change and improvement based on conviction and reflection, with a positive spirit that is based on dialogue and on advocacy skills.
  • Transversality: we are committed to driving forward all the sub-sectors that apply biotechnology (human and animal health, the agri-food industry, the environment, industrial processes, etc.), as well as the whole biotechnology ecosystem, including biotech companies, in all their diversity, public research bodies, and financing agents.
  • Ethics: At AseBio we make it our responsibility to respond to society’s concerns, acting in accordance with the strictest ethical standards, which are reflected in our fundamental ethical values.