Boost the Ecosystem Committee

Comisión de retos transversales

This commission is structured around six key elements for biotechnology companies: talent in our sector, R&D funding, the use of artificial intelligence and new technologies in biotechnology, how we communicate the value of biotechnology, driving the internationalization of the sector, and reinforcing venture capital as a key instrument for the biotech sector.

In a research-intensive sector, with disruptive projects and in early stages of development, our work focuses on proposals to improve both public and private R&D funding instruments. Additionally, we work to promote Venture Capital specialized in biotechnology.

However, we also drive strategies to facilitate internationalization, talent attraction, and management among our partners. We keep an eye on developments in artificial intelligence and new technologies and their potential applications in biotechnological processes. We also work to increase awareness of biotechnology.

For each of the Commission's priorities, a working group has been established.


  • Undertake actions to improve R&D funding.
  • Harness the potential of artificial intelligence and new technologies in biotechnology.
  • Strengthen the positioning of specialized private capital as a key instrument for driving the biotechnology sector.


  • Work to keep biotechnology in the news.
  • Drive the internationalization of the biotechnology sector.
  • Promote strategies to facilitate the attraction and management of talent among our partners.
Work groups
R&D Incentives
Sara Secall (Inveready)
  • Analyze the results and execution of grant calls.
  • Carry out actions to improve R&D funding, proposing enhancements to grants for companies from both CDTI, AEI, and those included in the Recovery Plan Addendum.
  • Improve the framework in which biotechnology companies operate.
Artificial Intelligence & New Technologies
Jorge Tello (Savana Medical)
  • Analyze and disseminate the state of the art of AI and new technologies and their potential to grow the biotechnology sector.
  • Promote data governance policies that enable the development of AI, including European Data Spaces.
  • Work towards a regulatory framework that unlocks the use of AI and NTs in biosanitary products and services.
Private Capital
Clara Campàs (Asabys Partners)
  • Strengthen the positioning of specialized Private Capital as a key instrument for driving biotechnology companies.
  • Encourage the attraction of investment, both private and public, to specialized Private Capital for its social and economic impact.
  • Promote and boost support instruments for Private Capital such as INNVIERTE and FondICO Global, as well as the new instruments included in the Addendum (FOCO and FIS).
  • Improve the alignment of the INNVIERTE instrument with the needs of specialized private capital and biotech companies.
Laia Simón 8Oryzon)
  • Raise awareness about the role of biotechnology and its impact through communication actions.
  • Train partners in improving communication skills and disseminating their interests.
  • Organize meetings that allow for a greater understanding of the media ecosystem.
  • Serve as a meeting point for sharing experiences in communication and actively listening to communication needs.
Carles Domenech (Ability Pharma)
  • Analyze and propose improvements to biotechnology immersion programs in other international biotechnology markets.
  • Facilitate AseBio partners in their development in other international markets.
  • Inform about the initiatives launched by AseBio to contribute to the internationalization of the sector.
  • Propose initiatives for attracting international investment.
Talent & Diversity
Tomás Alarcón (3P Bioparmaceuticals)
  • Having tools to contribute to talent retention.
  • Sharing best practices in talent and diversity in the biotechnology sector.
  • Proposing new indicators and studies in the field of talent in the biotechnology sector.
  • Collaborating with universities and educational centers.
Members of the commission
Carles domenech
Carles Domenech