Healthcare Committee

Comisión de salud

Healthcare has undoubtedly been one of the applications that has most pushed forward development of biotechnology, not only in Spain but around the world. More than half of all AseBio members are involved in what is known as red biotechnology. This field is providing innovative solutions for more effective, personalised treatment and diagnosis, and to address unmet medical needs.

In the Healthcare Committee, we are particularly concerned with making sure everyone has access to the innovative solutions biotechnology is giving us. So, we make proposals and work with the government to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve this.

  • To influence regulatory processes that affect the application of biotechnology in healthcare
  • To help develop and improve the Spanish Healthcare System, promoting access to biotechnological innovation that is compatible with sustainability


  • To raise awareness of the contributions biotechnology makes to help and further recognition as a sector that generates a lot of value added
  • To lead collaboration and partnership initiatives with stakeholders in the public and private sectors that foster innovation in healthcare and new technology and public policies that valorise R&D throughout the chain
Work groups
Access to the market of innovative medicines
Laura Pellisé (Amgen)
  • To continue legal and political activity in Spain and the EU and draft proposals, specifically regarding prices, funding and regulatory processes
  • To take part in parliamentary discussions that are relevant to the sector’s development
  • To draft proposals to promote access to innovation in the National Health System
  • To encourage development of new orphan drugs and equal access for patients
  • To promote patients’ awareness of biotechnology and innovative drugs
  • Promote knowledge of biotechnology and innovative medicines among patients
Personalized medicine and advanced diagnosis
Rocío Arroyo (Amadix)
  • To achieve more homogeneous, transparent market access for in vitro diagnostic products (IVD)
  • To promote favourable regulations for diagnostics and personalised medicine
  • To promote early application of quality standards to genetic diagnostic tools
  • To bring about the conditions to develop personalised medicine (biobanks, access to patient data, personalised treatments, safety and efficacy)
Drug discovery
Javier Terriente (ZeClinics/ZeCardio)
  • To valorise the capacities and experience of the Spanish bioindustry in the drug discovery arena
  • To cooperate on joint activities with other national and international stakeholders working in drug discovery, seeking out synergies and rationalisation of resources
Advanced therapies
Gurutz Linazasoro (ViveBiotech)
  • To position AseBio as the advanced therapies industry- and sector-backed interlocutor with the administration
  • To give the biotechnology industry a voice in regulatory, consultation, deliberation and decision-making processes

Position paper: ‘Public-private collaboration in advanced therapies’ 


Antibiotic resistance
Cristina Nadal (MSD)

To boost, integrate, align and strengthen all elements of the value chain in the antibiotics resistance field for Spain to:

  • Lead Europe in this fight 
  • Optimise the generation of solutions to prevent, diagnose and provide access to treatments for microbial infections
  • Generate more wealth 
Members of the commission
Fina Lladós
Fina Lladós
Technical secretary