Industrial transformation

Comisión de servicios

A significant number of biotech companies provide specialized services that are essential to cover the different stages of development throughout the product value chain.

In Spain, the existence of a powerful pharmaceutical industry has led to the creation of numerous biotechs specialized in providing services at all stages, from target definition to market launch, including the different phases of pre-clinical and clinical studies.

The AseBio companies that offer biotech services work from this committee to achieve recognition of our contribution to the development of the biotech sector and the high quality of the services available in Spain, and to propose measures to help companies grow and boost their international competitiveness.

Industrial biotechnology is one of Europe's strengths. It enables the EU to manufacture more than half of the world's enzymes that help provide solutions to many of the world's great challenges, including using resources more efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions, producing healthy and nutritious food and improving our energy security.

  • Influence the regulatory and political environment to stimulate research and innovation, aid to industrial biotechnology and its presence in national and international projects.
  • Implement measures to boost and strengthen Spanish biotech so that Spanish biotechnology is recognized as a knowledge and high-tech hub similar to the most advanced countries in our environment.


  • Support the internationalization of industrial services companies by facilitating their incorporation into the global market.