Industrial transformation

Comisión de servicios

A significant number of biotechnology services provide specialized services that are essential in the various stages of development, throughout the product value chain. 

In Spain, our powerful pharmaceutical industry has encouraged the creation of numerous biotech firms specializing in services throughout the process, from establishing targets to launching to market, including the pre-clinical and clinical phases.

The AseBio companies that provide biotechnology services have set up this committee to gain recognition for our contribution to the biotech sector and the high-quality services available in Spain. We also propose measures to help companies grow and make them more competitive internationally.

  • To encourage recognition of the quality of biotechnology services in Spain
  • To regulate the services offered by universities and public institutions to prevent unfair competition from hindering the sector’s growth
  • To promote a united services ecosystem, with universities and companies
  • To encourage the government of Spain and its autonomous communities to set up specific grants and aid for service companies


  • To make it easier to buy and sell instrumentation (allowing amortized instrumentation to be bought and sold by public centers and lightly used instrumentation to be included in calls for public aid) 
  • To encourage the creation of grants to participate in events that better suit the needs of service companies