#NewAseBioMember | “AseBio is a crucial platform that allows us to connect with other leaders in the biotechnology sector in Spain”

Meet Conoce a Watson Marlow, our new member. We spoke with Jaume Tarragó, Iberia General Director.

Jaume Tarragó, director general para Iberia de Watson Marlow

AseBio. What does your company's work bring to the table and what is its strength?

Jaume Tarragó. At Watson Marlow, our company specialises in the manufacture of peristaltic pumps and fluid handling technologies. Our main strength lies in our ability to provide precise and reliable solutions for liquid transport across various industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. We excel in constant innovation and a commitment to quality, enabling us to offer products that enhance the efficiency and safety of our clients' processes.

AseBio. What is AseBio for you?

Jaume Tarragó. For us, AseBio is a crucial platform that allows us to connect with other leaders in the biotechnology sector in Spain. It is an association that fosters collaboration, innovation, and sector development, providing opportunities for networking, learning, and influencing relevant policies. We greatly value AseBio's ability to represent the interests of biotechnology both nationally and internationally.

AseBio. When did you first hear about AseBio?

Jaume Tarragó. We first heard about AseBio several years ago when we began exploring opportunities for expansion and collaboration in the Spanish biotechnology market. Since then, we have closely followed their activities and positive impact on the sector.

AseBio. What do you expect from being part of an association like AseBio?

Jaume Tarragó. We expect that being part of AseBio will provide us with opportunities to strengthen our professional networks, share knowledge and best practices, and collaborate on innovative projects. We also hope to actively contribute to the development of the biotechnology sector in Spain by participating in initiatives and discussions that drive growth and competitiveness in the sector.

AseBio. What is the biggest challenge facing the biotech sector (or your company)?

Jaume Tarragó. The biggest challenge facing the biotechnology sector, and our company as well, is staying at the forefront of innovation in a constantly changing regulatory and competitive environment. The need to comply with stringent quality and safety regulations while developing innovative solutions requires a delicate balance. Additionally, sustainability and adapting to global market demands are ongoing challenges that drive our strategy and operations.